Nevșehir, Turkey

Our school, 15 Temmuz Şehitleri Anadolu Lisesi, was founded in 1993. Its name was 2000 Evler Anadolu lisesi but it changed in September. It is located far from the city center, but the students of the school all come from the different parts of the district by school services. The school has approximately 640 students and 27 classrooms. There are science departments, social sciences departments and three language departments. We have 45 teachers, a school manager, two vice-headmasters.

Our native language is Turkish. English is taught as a foreign language and students as well learn German as a second foreign language.

There are 25 classrooms, 1 ICT classroom, 1 library, 1 Conference Hall, 2 Science Laboratories in our school. We have lots of championships in Volleyball, Football, Basketball and Table Tennis.

However, a meaningful education is not only about academic achievement. It is also about nurturing the unique potential of each young boy and girl on their journey to becoming successful and happy people, who can confidently take their place and make a difference in an ever-changing world.

It is staffed by a committed and talented group of teachers who provide a diverse range of academic, sporting and cultural activities.
Our school had two Comenius Project. The last finished in 2015. It was 12 partnership project. Our school was coordinator.

Our school vision is to educate individuals who are aware of science and technology, open to changing and development, accept learning as a basic needs, live the values and preserve them, tolerant, accept differences as wealth, know at least one foreign language very well, with high moral values, self-confident, participatory, self-questioning, effective and high quality, modern, democratic and secular individuals.

And our mission is to educate individuals who are capable involved in the production and management processes in our country and in the world; respect for human rights, national and sensitive to social values, physically and mentally healthy individuals.