Social Networks Review

„Master Minds CNCV” is a Facebook group in which the steps to building team Master Mind’s (participating in the national contest, “First Tech Challenge”) robot are presented. Here you can follow the evolution of National College “Cantemir Voda”’s robotics team and at the same time, the development of a fully functional robot. This group was created by affable and talented students with a passion for robotics.

On this group you can always ask questions regarding the stages in developing our robot. Unfortunately, our group is only available in Romanian, but questions can be asked and will be answered in English, swiftly and in the most precise and helpful way.

The showcased robot was built with great skill and mastery by passionate students. Our group intends to present and promote these brilliant minds.

The team is highly regarded, this is evident by the massive number of likes and share, the five-star rating and the appearance on television on the first of April, which is also the date when demonstration was held.

During the First Tech Challenge contest, images and clips of our challenges and scores are posted. The challenges are adrenaline-charged and spectacular. Nobody will get bored watching them.

We recommend this group to all fans of technology. It is exceptionally useful if you intend on building a robot.

The Facebook group of the Soft Hoarders robotics team is the place where you can follow the activities of the team and what events they participate in.

Additionally, you can watch clips and images posted by them.