Jacopo del Duca - Diego Bianca Amato

Cefalu, Italy

The Italian organization provide education to 14-19 years old pupils (unfortunately in the last four years the number of early school leavers has increased due to the economic crisis faced by many economic sectors in Sicily and in particular in the province of Palermo). Such a difficult economic situation seems to have forced many 16 year olds to make a living far from school and avoid to be a burden to their unemployed parents).

The school educational offer is based on different courses such as Administration, Finance, Marketing; Tourism; Arts and Crafts School; Liceo Scientifico, Constructions, Environment and Territory. Most pupils, teachers and school staff members commute every morning from the little villages on the sea coast, hills and mountains.

Unfortunately in the three different buildings where classes are located there are no school facilities such as canteens or dormitories, yet the area in which the school organisation is located has a vocation for tourism. Cefalù is in fact one the most popular seaside resorts in the region of Sicily and it is also one of the little towns of the protected area of the ”Madonie”. In short, the school mission is to provide students with the necessary tools and competences to face the world of work and enable them to think in terms of widening their scope of work both as today’s pupils and tomorrow’s citizens.

Number of students: 900
Number of teachers: 130