Lycée général et technologique Pierre Poivre

Saint Joseph, La Reunion, France

Lycée Pierre Poivre is located in the south of Reunion island and it offers a great variety of general studies and mainly languages (French/English/German/Spanish/Chinese/Creole). Our students (approximately 1000) are from Saint Joseph, surrounding and isolated villages and even other towns in Reunion.

It would be interesting to gather the different languages around a European project to give them more sense in a multicultural, transverse approach relevant to the inner situation in Reunion. In mastering more foreign languages, our students should be able to integrate into another country easily as there are more job prospects for them. Most of them come from a social background where most parents are unemployed and the unemployment rate is increasing that's why it is necessary to make them aware of other opportunities and to help them imagine another future.

Indeed, if Reunion island is geographically very far from Metropolitan France (6500 miles), it is very close to it because it is a French “Département” and thus it is close to Europe. The notion of European citizenship is a delicate but interesting issue because Reunion is in the Indian ocean at the crossroads of many other continents (Africa, Asia, Australia). It is a multicultural society our students are proud of and it would be an asset for the other countries involved in this project. Moreover, this project would be a chance for our students to open themselves to new cultures, test their sense of belonging to the European community and find a solution to their problem of unemployment. Lycée Pierre Poivre thinks that nowadays the learning of digital skills is the key to help and motivate the students and teachers as well. That’s why lycée Pierre Poivre is gambling on digital tools with the opening of a new option for the students for the next curriculum 2017-2018.

Staff: 51 to 250
Pupils: 501 to 2.000