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Technology Enhanced Learning and Lightening
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A list with purposes of this project


Promoting instruction and auto instruction with digital gadgets.


School will become a more attractive environment.


Students will be better prepared for life.

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7 - 14 nov 2017


24 feb - 4 mar 2018


2 - 8 may 2018


6 - 13 oct 2018


26 mar - 04 apr 2019


29 apr - 05 may 2019

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  • Colegiul Naţional "Cantemir-Vodă"

    Bucharest, România

    "Cantemir Voda" National College was founded as a middle school in 1868, named Secondary School "Matei Basarab". In the year 1879, the institution became an independent school, named "Cantemir Voda". The current building was built in 1915 and was extended in 1922 and, later, in 1932. The building was strengthened and restored in the period 2004-2008 and, nowadays it is declared a historical monument.


    Nevșehir, TURKEY

    Our school, 15 Temmuz Şehitleri Anadolu Lisesi, was founded in 1993. Its name was 2000 Evler Anadolu lisesi but it changed in September. It is located far from the city center, but the students of the school all come from the different parts of the district by school services. The school has approximately 640 students and 27 classrooms. There are science departments, social sciences departments and three language departments. We have 45 teachers, a school manager, two vice-headmasters.

  • Jacopo del Duca - Diego Bianca Amato

    Cefalu, Italy

    The Italian organization provide education to 14-19 years old pupils (unfortunately in the last four years the number of early school leavers has increased due to the economic crisis faced by many economic sectors in Sicily and in particular in the province of Palermo). Such a difficult economic situation seems to have forced many 16 year olds to make a living far from school and avoid to be a burden to their unemployed parents).

  • Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasium Windsbach

    Windsbach, GERMANY

    Our school is a school of secondary education and is attended by around 800 students including about 100 members of a well-known boys' choir, called Windsbacher Knabenchor. The building is situated in the rural district of the city of Ansbach. Nuremberg, the biggest city in our surrounding, is about 40km away and can be reached easily by train, bus or car. Our school is also situated near a recreational area which is becoming more and more attractive to tourists from other parts of Germany as well as from other European countries. Since there are three big lakes all connected to each other, people like to spend their summer holidays here. The beautiful landscape we are surrounded by is ideal for camping, swimming and biking.

  • Lycée général et technologique Pierre Poivre

    Saint Joseph, La Reunion, France

    Lycée Pierre Poivre is located in the south of Reunion island and it offers a great variety of general studies and mainly languages (French/English/German
    /Spanish/Chinese/Creole).Our students (approximately 1000) are from Saint Joseph, surrounding and isolated villages and even other towns in Reunion.


Technology Enhanced Learning and Lightening

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